Who we are
We, Forró Stockholm, are a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organisation with the main purpose of spreading the knowledge of the Brazilian dance and music style such as forró and samba de gafieira, as well as the Brazilian culture in Sweden.

What we stand for
Forró Stockholm stands for openness, inclusiveness, mutual respect, ethnic, sexual and gender equality, and see the dance as a way to express these values to create a prestigeless and welcoming environment.

What is forró?
Forró is a type of popular music closely associated with the Brazilian working class. It has been originated in Brazil’s north-eastern by the legend Luiz Gonzaga.
The music is known with its magic which is clear to see and experience during its parties – a live band with their traditional instruments; the triangle, the accordion, and the zambomba. All are squeezed into the corner of the dance floor, front of barefoot dancers that are dancing with closed eyes and good feelings. Proudly, Forró Stockholm has succeeded to deliver this mood from the corners of Brazil to the streets of Stockholm. And with the help of the fascinating forró teachers, either in the regular courses or in the workshops, forró got spread very fast in Stockholm. It’s actually now very much international and known as a floor-filling dance.

Do you want to listen to forró?
Another great source of forró music online is the Forró Stream channel on Youtube and Facebook. Their collection has a great mix of old vinyl as well as fresher styles and remixes. It includes most songs you would hear in the parties.

Explore and enjoy with Forró Stream playlists!

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