Last updated 2020-11-16

Due the pandemic our classes are held until further notice. Therefore, the information below are not valid until we start our classes again.

Forro Stockholm Organizers


Learn progressively for four weeks, then review what you have learnt in the fifth week with the teacher! Complete beginners welcome. Tell your friends all about it!

More information on payment, schedule, and location are available down below!


Socks, barefeet, sandals or indoor shoes.


18.45-19:45 samba de gafieira
20:00-21:15 forró


ONE-DANCE TICKETS (Forró or Gafieira):

  • 550 kr – 5 classes (Ordinary price)
  • 440 kr- 5 classes ( Student price)

COMBO TICKETS (Forró and Gafieira):

  • 880 kr – Leaders | Combo Ticket for Forró and Gafeira ( Ordinary price)
  • 700 kr – Leaders | Combo Ticket for Forró and Gafeira ( Student price)


  • Payments information will be sent via email once you register.
  • Student prices only with the showing of a Student ID card in the first class.


Mäster Olofsgården in Gamla Stan

Svartmangatan 6, Gamla stan


Luiz is from Minas Gerais in Brazil. He has been living and dancing forró in Stockholm for several years and has developed his own style of forró mixing forró universitario and forró itaunas, focusing in a playful and enjoyable dance, with the motto that forró should always be fun!

Martim comes from São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city and with a historical samba culture that rivals Rio. He has danced gafieira for many years and has participated as a student and teacher in open social projects in São Paulo. Given his background, he prefers a more relaxed approach to teaching to get people to love gafieira and to think it is easy despite it relatively high technical difficulty.


Johanna has a solid background in Swedish folk dance and is currently studying Dance Pedagogy at Stockholm Konstnärliga Högskola (SKH) and is a member of Forró Stockholm board.

Katja has been dancing forró and gafieira for several years now, She is the Board Director of Forró Stockholm and a well known forrozeira on the European festival scene and a frequent visitor in Brazil. Her focus is on core balance and connection.

Kristina got introduced to forró in London back in early 2000, she spent a couple of years as a volunteer in the lindy hop scene, before joining the new forró scene in Stockholm over 5 years ago. Once introduced to gafieira she has been working hard to create a gafieira scene in Stockholm together with the Forró Stockholm team.