Events Checklists

Pre-event checklist:
  • Publish the event on fb with the right dates.
  • Add “More information will follow soon” to the description, if the rest of the information aren’t ready.
  • Add the default upcoming cover picture if the cover picture is not ready.
  • Add the venue FB page as a co-host (&/or any other organization that is involved in the event) if possible.
  • Add times, dates, address and logos to the new cover picture.
  • Add tags when creating the event ex, DANCE, CHILD FRIENDLY, etc.
  • Add prices and schedual as soon as possible.
  • Door prices have to be more expensive than the online tickets.
  • Use our tickets registrations system. Highly recommended.

Cancelling event checklist:
  • Cancel the event on fb ( or only the desired dates in case of a sequince-dates event | it can beonly done via desktop).
  • Add the texts “CANCELLED” or “POSTPONED” as a headline in the description.
  • Add the texts “CANCELLED” or “POSTPONED” to the cover picture of the event.
  • Add the texts “CANCELLED” or “POSTPONED” to the cover picture of the page.
  • Add the texts “CANCELLED” or “POSTPONED” to the cover picture of the group.
  • Post on our page, event, group and Instagram.
  • Send a message to our Messanger group.
  • Send the announcment via email to our email list.
  • Send a message to the event participants.
  • Contact the participants individually.
  • Inform all the involved parties in organizing the event.