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As we all know that many of our forró artists have been effected by COVID-19. Therefore, we at Forró Stockholm, want to offer the platform to help them as well as to spread the positive impact that their work has on us human beings in these challenging times ❤️

Forró Lab online classes are free of charge, but you can support them in different ways, by #sharing their classes with friends and family, #subscribing to their channels on YouTube, #liking their page on Facebook or/and #follow their channel on Instagram.

Individually We Are One Drop, Together We Are The Ocean
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Playlist of Forró Lab online classes

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Shashi : A London based Forró addict since 2013, Shashi has developed his Forró through extensive travels as well as during his time living in Brazil. He has taught workshops all over Europe including London, Cambridge, Moscow, Berlin and Freiburg as well as regularly DJing at a variety of events.

Shashi views dancing as a form of expression, freedom and connection with a view that you should dance for your partner, the music and yourself. Aside from learning both the Universitario and Roots styles of Forró, Shashi also is studying Tango and often draws upon its techniques to develop his teaching methods. He believes that you can learn from all types of dance to create your own personal style.

Franzi : Originally hailing from the group Tomé Forró Berlin, Franzi lived in London throughout 2018/19 and taught at Forró Lab as well as DJing and teaching internationally. She developed her dance throughout her travels to Brazil as well as many European festivals. She dances various styles of Forró with a speciality in Roots – having partnered many top teachers such as Daniel Marinho and Hugo Silva.

Maria : Maria started her journey with Forró in 2014 in Porto. Falling instantly in love with the dance, the music and sense of belonging in the diverse Forró community. As soon as she moved back to her home town of Thessaloniki in Greece, she started a Forró group because she no longer knew how to live without it.Her love for dancing and the therapeutic benefits that it can have led her to move to London to undertake an MA in Dance Movement Psychology. Meanwhile she has never stopped dancing, exchanging ideas and teaching!


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